Life and reading update.

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IMG_20170129_143731_979.jpgHallo there! The past days had been very busy for me; a lot of things to do, a little time to read or no time at all, but today finally I could finish The fellowship of the ring. If you follow me on IG you will find out I’m rereading LOTR again since the end of January.

It is always good to be back in the Middle Earth again, and I’m understanding more all the ring’s troubles and I’m loving the characters even more now, especially Gandalf. He’s my favorite wizard of all times. He’s always looking for the wisest way to go, like a good father to all his fellow companions. I’m in love with this world and if I could find the gate to the middle earth and leave this world behind, I would not think it twice ❀.

So today’s my reading Monday and I’ll start immediately with The two towers because of the plot twist at the ending of the first book that left me with the desire of more. That’s it, I’m a book dragon and have no remedy. I must read all that I can today because tomorrow I’m going on a trip! Yay! I love long travels in bus, but I can’t read while on the bus because it makes me dizzy. But it relaxes me to watch the nature and the sunrise through the window. It also makes me think about new stories to write. By the way I have an idea that I was putting on paper last Friday and I’m really excited about that!IMG_20170205_150737_939.jpg

How about you? How’s your life going? I want to know πŸ‘€