Thieves… Panic Attacks and Indestructible Kindles.

Facts about me

Hello peeps! This week has been very stressful for me and my mum. To not make this story too long I’ll start saying we been robbed last sunday… I was like :O My brain disconnected each and every nerve of my body and I started to tremble. The evil ones were riding a motocycle and the one who was behind jumped from the moto and went straight at us with an intimidating look. He took our handbags with our phones and tablets in it. And… Guess what? MY KINDLE WAS ON MY HANDBAG! My books! My precious books! Despite I bought a paperwhite (which hasn’t arrived yet), I felt the pain of losing it all, the impotence and the panic that started inmediately.

As I said above, my brain was disconnected and my tears came like cascades from my eyes. We had the few strenght to arrive to a friend’s house who lives just a few meters from the place we been assaulted and when I sat down it was like plooff… I collapsed. My friend gave me a glass of water, which I spilled in my shoes because my hands and legs were shaking. It took a long while, but finally I could calm down. It was a total trauma.

Thank God they just took what they wanted and didn’t any harm to us, but now I fear every motorcycle I see in the streets when I’m walking.

We had to go to the police to make the allegations and all that legal stuff, to see if they could track out devices. The captain said they would call us if they find something.

I was completely assured our belongings would never appear again, but perhaps I was a bit wrong about the police. The found our handbags, but not our devices, of course. What surprised me the most was that my kindle was found! It was in the handbag, which was wet and when I turned it on: IT WAS ALIVE!!! I’ve never been so happy to turn on a device in my whole life. That proves kindles are indestructible and Amazon deserves a big prize for that.

I finished reading Holding up the universe and I’ll write a review very soon. My paperwhite arrives tomorrow too, so I can’t wait to start reading A monster call by Patrick Ness.

That was all I had to say. I’m grateful to be alive and to be sit here on my couch sharing with you what happened to me and my mum.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ ❀ Stay Safe!