How to get out from a reading slump


Hi guys, I hope you’re doing fine. Me, well, I’m improving. I looking for ways to get out from the worst reading slump of my life, and I got the idea to post it here. You may think “What are you doing giving advices about how to get out from a reading slump when YOU can’t evenΒ  do it yourself?”. Ok, that’s true, but the thing here is that falling in a reading slump is totally fine. Is not the end of the world. It doesn’t makes you a bad reader, you’re fine, you will be fine.

I found many ideas to combat the worst menace every reader could face, so I decided to write my own top five:

1.Forget about your TBR. I mean, TBR’s are cool, it keeps you organized and you have an idea of what to read next. But when you’re in a reading slump it could make you feel very anxious and guilty not readin the books you planned to read.

2. Re-read your favorite book. It is always good to go back to a world you love, so why not when you’re totally lost and need some fiction to level you up?

3. Try some Classics. At the end of the day, Classics are always THE CLASSICS. What I’m trying to say is they’re good. Really good. Some people find it boring, but I think they just hasn’t connect with the right one yet.

4. Read a Thriller. There’s nothing like a mind-breaking thriller to make you feel back at reading again.

5. If you don’t feel like reading, just don’t do it. Try to write down your feelings, perhaps it helps you like it helps me.


Ten facts about me…

Facts about me

Nobody challenged me to do the #tenfactsaboutme tag, I just do this because I want you to know a little bit more about the person behind this blog. That’s the reason why I’ve decided to write this post. Here they are, 10 facts about me:giphy.gif

  1. I looooooooooooooooove love looooove coffee. Is there any other word stronger than love? Well, I don’t know, but coffee is my fuel, I cannot survive without it. Who doesn’t love that magical smell in the mornings?
  2. I’m a catlover. Those little furballs are my spirit animal. I thought I was allergic, but I discovered the truth: I’m not allergic to cats. Is very sad I realized it to late: a friend gifted me with a little kitten. A few minutes laterΒ I started to sneeze and my skin to itch, so in my mind (and my mum’s mind) I started to think it was my lovely Luigi (my kitten’s name). But how, how could it be if every time I see a cat I cuddle them?. But then I noticed Luigi was walking under my bed and he catched an spider’s web. So I realized it wasn’t the cat. I’m allergic to spider’s webs… I had to give Luigi to a lady that wanted a cat… I’m still sad about it.
  3. I love Metal. Yes I’m a metalhead. My favorite band in the whole universe is EPICA, they’re just AMAIZING. I recommend EPICA to every human being I know.

giphy (1).gif

4. I’m an introvert.

5. My favorite color is black (just like my soul) XD. I’m kidding, I’m a lovely person πŸ™‚ an angel ❀

6. I’m a slow reader.

7. I suffer from anxiety and depression (but I’m under control atm because I’m taking meds).

8. I love writing. I like to write short stories, but my big dream is to be an author someday.

9.Β I’m an autumn girl.

10. Books are my home, my scape, my best friends. I love books! Did you already notice? XD