Very first nerd Unpacking from Truenita’s Store

Life Update, Meet the Blogger, Unpacking

Hello there humans of the earth! How’s it going with you today? Well, I’m doing fine, happy and excited because I’m going to show you my Unicorn Friend’s art. She’s such a wonderful artist and you can follow her drawings on her instagram She’s such a beautiful soul! She’s the BFF ❤ and I want to honor her by writing a post about her art. And want you to meet her too, so let’s go.



First we have this stunning Charizard’s poster which I’m in love with, because in case I haven’t told you, Charizard is my favorite Pokemon. He’s eating a smoked marsmallow XD and looks very Kawaii. Told you, she’s the best…

2. IMG_20170629_105607_226[1]

And last but not least we have this wonderful print of the universe in a fishbowl: Come on guys, this looks just beautiful and creative and nerd and I love it! This is my favorite one, all of her drawings have a very special place in my heart, beacause you know, we understand each other, I just have to think, she just have to draw it and there’s when the magic happens.

Go to her instagram page linked above to see some of her art. You will meet Mister Sugoi too, 😉 a very Kawaii and interesting character invented by her.

That was all from me today. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to go to my instagram @anxiousbooklover if you want to watch the whole unpacking process on my story and how fun it was. Also don’t forget to check her account.



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