Anxious Booklover


Once upon a time a bookworm was born in the wrong country, because she was surrounded by people who never read a book. So she felt alone until she found Bookstagram, and she realised she wasn’t the only book lover of the planet….

Well, that’s a little piece of my history but indeed, I’ve been born in the wrong country, but we’ll not talk about that now.

My name is Massiel, I’m 24, I’m a coffeholic, metalhead, cat lover. I’m also a writer (I wrote a book in spanish once). I decided to start a blog because reading and writing is my passion and I want to share my opinions with every person who decides to follow me.

This is a challenge and a kind of therapy because I suffer from anxiety and depression, so it will be a hard work to keep this site up, but I think I can handle it.

You will find here book reviews, my writings and so much more, so feel welcome and let’s start this journey together…

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